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Linseed Oil 250 ml

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Linseed oil is one of the most valuable cold pressed oils. Simply put, it is a must in any health conscious household. It is no wonder that it is also referred to as liquid gold. It is nutrient dense, especially high in protein and oil. Its oil content can be up to 43% and almost three-quarter of it is fatty acid which is indispensable and essential for our system. Its omega-3 content (e.g. alpha-linolenic acid) is 6 times as high as that of most fish oils, moreover, it is rich in vitamin E as well as in beta carotene.



Its Benefits

It contains a large amount of omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids. Among all oils it has the highest alpha-linolenic acid content which the human body cannot produce on its own. However, it is extremely crucial to our health since it lowers blood pressure, keeps veins flexible and improves brain function.

Linseed oil is naturally anti-inflammatory. It prevents or soothes inflammation in the joints and in the respiratory system. Therefore it also relieves the symptoms of asthma, allergy, menstrual cramps and migraine. It is really useful against stomach and bowel illnesses and constipation.

Applied externally it benefits the skin. Can be used to effectively treat eczema, dry and problematic skin. Mixed into cosmetics it makes the hair soft and silky.

For sportsmen, we recommend one tablespoonful a day as it aids in preventing muscle pain.

How to use?

It must be used cold since heating can damage the sensitive fatty acids. Can be consumed on its own since one or two spoonfuls daily provides you with the recommended fatty acid intake. You can sprinkle it onto any prepared food, cottage cheese, potato and matches absolutely well with cream cheese.